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IWS specializes in Merchandise Programs that are designed to increase your sales, and maximize your inventory turns and margins.

The IWS tested programs will enhance your product offering while at the same time optimize underutilized space with attractive displays and increase sales. This space will be filled with the most popular items, using specific display options, planograms and eye-catching professional graphics.

Our goal is to help you present products in an attractive, clean, organized fashion, and to help you SELL MORE!!

  1. Showcase Program
  2. E-Cigarette and Vapor Program
  3. Sunglass Program
  4. Tablet and Mobile Accessories
  5. Zippo Lighter Program
  6. Counter Programs
  7. Headwear Program
  8. Smoke Shop Accessories
  9. Apparel Program
  10. Knives Program
  11. Lighters Program
  12. Work Gloves Program
  13. Gloves Program
  14. Gift Program
  15. Summer Hat Program
  16. Souvenir Program
  17. Licensed Merchandise
  18. Winter Essentials Program